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At Wise Logistics Solutions, our industry experts are committed to helping logistic companies streamline their operations and maximize their performance and growth through the automation, integration, and optimization of systems.   

How we can help:

“The Commitment, expertise and collaborative spirit demonstrated by the team fully aligned with our expectations. Their team worked diligently to streamline processes, bringing about significant improvements in our rate automation capabilities.

The supplier team proved to be a trusted WisePartner, seamlessly aligning with our goals and demonstrating a deep understanding of the intricacies involved. Their dedication to the high-quality and innovative solutions has positioned them as a valuable asset in our digital transformation journey.”

Head of Digital Transformation - Air and Sea

Why use Wise Logistics Solutions?

Financial Expertise

Enhance your financial accuracy and efficiency. Our audits identify revenue leakage and provide actionable insights into performance, billing KPIs, and tax setups.

Developments & Business Intelligence

Automate complex tasks with RPA, enhance CW1 with custom applications, and gain visibility with our BI reports for informed decision-making.


Seamlessly integrate rating applications and finance systems with CW1, ensuring compliance and streamlining data exchange to minimize errors.

Autorating Optimization

Improve rate processes and accuracy for better autorating performance. Reduce billing errors and automate recalculations for efficient shipment handling.

Operational Automation Audit

Automate workflows and tracking to eliminate manual data entry and reduce errors. Set up exemptions and notifications for actionable follow-ups.

Neo Setup

Offer real-time insights into transactions and shipments, streamline booking management, and provide easy-to-interpret reports. Seamlessly integrate Neo within CW1 for efficient setup.


Our training programs cover gateway setups and comprehensive CW1 training, ensuring your team is well-equipped to handle logistics operations efficiently.

Gateway Setup

Creating efficient channels for distribution through optimised gateway setup and configuration.

About Wise Logistics Solutions

WLS is a premium logistics software partner specializing in the configuration and optimization of Cargowise 1. Our professional services are tailored for medium-sized freight forwarders, ensuring efficiency and profitability.

Our team has extensive experience working within organizations including DHL, managing scalable solutions, and addressing complex local requirements. We customize Cargowise 1 to optimize processes and meet unique business needs.

We have a strong understanding of processes from Operations to Finance, enabling us to optimize the full lifecycle of logistics operations.

Discover how we can optimize your operations with our CW1 certified professionals. 

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