What do we mean by Process Automation?


Within the context of process automation, we mean two things:

Both of these options help free up operator time and improve quality and accuracy

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation is software that simulates the steps a user takes in a process. Just like a human they can interact with multiple systems and data sources simultaneously enabling you to automate processes beyond system boundaries. Unlike a human operator though, they don't take holidays,  don't resign, don't make mistakes, don't take breaks and don't get sick. 

At Wise Logistics Solutions we have a stock of standard RPAs available which can be tailored to any size of freight forwarder, enabling you to use only a fraction of an RPA as a service if required, and we can also custom-build such assistants to automate processes that are specific to you.

Native CargoWise1 Workflow

CargoWise1 Workflow enables process automation within the CargoWise1 application and will execute an event upon certain pre-defined conditions being met. This enables many tasks to be entirely performed by the system, relieving operators of repetitive, manual actions.  

The operator has completed their profitability checks. The billing tab is complete but your customer agreement says you can't invoice until POD. Without workflow, the operator would need to return to the file later to finish billing. Instead, for example, the operator could change the status of the billing tab to JRB and use workflow to instruct the system to produce the invoice once POD is complete. The invoice can be automatically sent to the customer either via EDI or via eDocs.